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We believe in innovation, in freedom and in finding happiness in every precious moment, while ensuring your purchase can help change the world to have a positive impact on many.

We take the time to achieve the highest quality available, respecting the workers and the planet through the entire process. This creates timeless garments for all children, that can be loved and passed down for years to come.

Merino Shawl Jumper

A winter must have, designed consciously with quality merino fibres to ensure a long lasting, timeless knit that can be passed down for years to come. Amazingly soft and comfortable, this knit is ideal for the cool days and colder nights. The hypoallergenic fiber treats sensitive skin with care, reducing eczema symptoms.

- Soft shawl neckline

- Thick Cuff and Waistband Tubular

- Wrinkle resistant 

- 9 gg thickness

- Durable

- Soft on sensitive skin

- Biodegradable 



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